Actuarial Calculator


Another app for Actuary.

Useful for many sciences like Actuary, Insurance, Economics, Finance, Statistics, Probability, Accounting and more... and also actuarial credentialing and exams.

This app contains 3 sections:

  1. Interest: Force of Interest, Discount Factor, Nominal rate, Annuity-Immediate, Annuity-Due, Annuities Payable m(th)ly, Accumulated Value of Payments, Deferred Annuities, Perpetuities, Continuous, Increasing Annuities, and more...
  2. Survival: Probability of Life, Actuarial Present Value of Life-Annuities, Continuous, Increasing/Decreasing Life-Annuities, Net Premium Reserves and more... based on Makeham Law or Life Table.
  3. Actuarial Notations: Help for used actuarial notations in app.

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